How Can I Set Boundaries With My Family To Guard My Mental Health?

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The Guide to Setting Familial Boundaries

The holiday season means – for most of us – lots of time spent with family and friends. And that’s usually a good thing…unless some of these relationships involve issues that have not been addressed. These interactions can then bring pain and stress, which is not healthy for anyone’s mental well-being. Setting boundaries is important when it comes to family and guarding your mental health.

What Are Boundaries, Anyway?

Boundaries are how close you allow people to get to you emotionally. They are also where you draw the line within a relationship, letting the other person know how much you are willing to give or take before you decide that things need to change.

  • A boundary in your interpersonal relationships can involve how much you are willing to share about yourself emotionally, physically, and even digitally. These boundaries are essential in your relationships with other people, but they’re also crucial for your relationship with yourself.
  • Issues such as unwanted advice, uncomfortable discussions about life choices, critical comments, or dredging up the past can all be situations that can ruin a family get-together quickly. Letting others know what you will or will not discuss can help avoid these kinds of problems. 
  • It is essential to set boundaries: 
    • So you can practice self-care and self-respect 
    • To communicate your needs in a relationship 
    • To make time and space for positive interactions  
    • And to set limits in a relationship in a way that is healthy

How Will Setting Boundaries With Those I Love Help Me Balance My Mental Health?

Boundaries – or the lack of them – help us measure relationship health. Setting healthy boundaries will help you to maintain a balance with others.

  • Our mental health and personal well-being interweave with the quality of our relationships. The more closely we are connected to the people we love, the happier we feel and the more personal satisfaction we have in our lives. 
  • People with strong family or social connections are generally healthier than those who lack a support network. Setting boundaries with your family and friends will give you a solid foundation to nurture and build those relationships in the future. 

The truth is this: every single one of us is dealing with something. Bravery comes in recognizing what that something is, and healing comes in asking for help. You can find the help you need here at John Nichols Psychotherapy. You decide where you want to go, and I will help you get there!

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