What Are Some Ways I Can Connect With My Partner This Valentine’s Day?

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How to Connect with Your Partner

The concepts of love and relationships are often top-of-mind during February, due to Valentine’s Day. To celebrate them, some people will settle for buying a card or a gift or going out for dinner, which will be the extent of their observance. There is certainly nothing wrong with that! 

Valentine’s Day can be about so much more, though. This holiday gives you a unique opportunity to revisit your relationship with your significant other. Finding new ways to connect with your partner to show them how much you value them in your life is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. 

What Are Some Key Concepts That Can Help You Connect With Your Partner In A New Way?

  • One of the common vital principles of a successful long-term relationship is the unequivocal support of each other. This means there is no throwing your partner under the bus or allowing an outsider to interfere with the relationship, but comforting and supporting your partner instead, no matter how things turn out. Failing to do this, or worse – being aggressive toward your partner – will doom your relationship. It may take years to affect you, but in the end, your relationship will not survive.
  • Date nights are great, but they alone aren’t enough to keep things going. Research shows that successful relationships are built on a certain number of positive interactions for every negative encounter. You generate many positive interactions by doing simple tasks together that you both enjoy. Such interactions can be going for a walk, grocery shopping together, plan and cook a meal together, exercise together, and more. All those positive interactions add up!
  • Communication is one aspect of a relationship that seems to be a constant challenge. Strong communication is a crucial part of a successful relationship and can be an excellent tool for connecting with your partner. 

What Do I Do When Things Aren’t Going Well?

  • Make sure you aren’t focusing on changing your partner but on changing the overall climate of the relationship. Are you experiencing a lot of tension? Are you both walking on eggshells? Are your conversations always about what is wrong rather than what is right? Focus on what you have the power to change – yourself – to lessen the stress. As your partner sees that you are committed to making things better, the atmosphere in your relationship will become more positive. 
  • Every couple gets into ruts and unhealthy patterns from time to time. Breaking those patterns is an important way to bring your relationship to a healthier place. You may need the help of a professional here. 
  • Engage the help of a therapist to assist you in managing your relationship issues. If you find yourself unsure how to connect with your partner this Valentine’s Day – if it feels like there is just too much water under the bridge – there is help available.

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