Benefits Of Setting Attainable Goals For The New Year

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Many of us view the coming of a new year with hope; we’re being given 365 days to enjoy life and achieve our goals and dreams. The future is full of promise and excitement, and we can hardly wait to move forward!

For others, the advent of a new year is not so exciting. Poor choices and unfortunate circumstances have beaten us down, discouraged us, and caused us to lose hope. Thinking about living another 365 days the way we lived the last ones is almost too much to bear. 

If you are one of those people who are fearful of the year ahead of you, wondering what’s to come, be encouraged!

What Benefits Will I Receive From Setting Attainable Goals?

  • Setting attainable goals will help you create a map for your future; as you achieve each goal, you will experience feelings of success and accomplishment, and you’ll find yourself avoiding those pesky roadblocks that have stopped you from progressing in the past. 
  • In psychology, goal setting refers to a successful plan of action that we set for ourselves. It guides us to choose the right moves at the right time and in the right way. Individuals with ambitious goals experience better performance and output rates than those without.
  • People with depression often have difficulties setting goals and are less likely to believe they can achieve them. Setting attainable goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guide your focus, and allows you to sustain that momentum in life.
  • Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t improve upon something you don’t properly manage. Setting goals can help you do all of that and more.

How Do I Go About Setting Attainable Goals?

Identifying good goals is the first step. Your goals should be SMART:

  • Specific. Good goals should be specific and clear. State what you want and be as detailed as possible. 
  • Measurable. Making a goal measurable is essential to know when it is accomplished. 
  • Attainable. Setting goals that are too high will lead to disappointment and continued depression. Setting a series of small, achievable goals will encourage you.
  • Relevant. Set goals that matter to YOU. Know what you are working towards and take action.
  • Timely. Give yourself a deadline to follow; this motivates you to keep on track and remain determined. Be rigid with your timeframe while also allowing yourself some flexibility.

One of your goals may be that you would like to work with a mental health professional. At John Nichols Psychotherapy, I am here to help you focus on setting and attaining your goals for the coming year. I provide a space where you can feel safe sharing your story, discovering growth strategies, and ultimately learning to live successfully and happily on your own. 

Being human is complicated, but navigating depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, divorce, transitions, and other significant hurdles on your own isn’t brave ‒ it’s isolating. Bravery comes in recognizing what that something is, and healing comes in asking for help. I’m here for you.

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