Benefits of Regularly Attending Individual Counseling in Nashville

Couples in couples therapy sitting on the therapists couch

You could think of individual counseling sessions in the same way you think about exercise or training of any kind; if you apply yourself consistently, you get solid results. If you don’t? Well, the answer is obvious. Just as a lack of physical exercise will lead to weaknesses in your body, you won’t experience the full benefits of your counseling if you are not committed to using the tools you are learning.


The outcome of your personal commitment is dependent on the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist. Any successful therapy requires self-disclosure and openness on your end and a total commitment to achieving your desired change. Client engagement or treatment engagement in psychotherapy is one of the most vital aspects of your therapeutic process, and the achievement of your goals will depend upon it.

There are several indicators of positive client engagement, such as:

  • Regular attendance in the sessions
  • Self-disclosure and emotional catharsis
  • Willingness to have awkward conversations
  • Diligent participation in the exercises and activities during therapy
  • Client’s perception of the ultimate goals of the treatment


Individuals in therapy learn skills that help overcome many of life’s challenges in positive ways, such as how to:

  • handle difficult situations
  • make healthier decisions
  • achieve personal goals
  • replace poor coping skills with healthy ones
  • be strong in the face of challenges
  • change behaviors and habits that hold you back
  • develop ways of thinking that affect how you feel
  • heal pains from the past
  • build relationship skills

Here at John Nichols, Psychotherapist, we genuinely enjoy working with people who see mental health as a lifestyle choice. We are committed to helping individuals grow and develop through regular maintenance of mental health and well-being. Our office space is calming and beautiful, providing our clients with a comforting, safe atmosphere in which they can be their authentic selves. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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